The 3rd BTT Conde Gatón 12 + 1 will take place in the town of Brañuelas (LE) on April 19, 2020.

The route runs along roads, forest tracks, trails and urban roads of all localities (Brañuelas, Manzanal, La Silva, Montealegre, Ucedo, Valbuena, Culebros, Corús Requejo, Villar, Nistoso, Tabladas and Villagatón in that order) within the term municipal district of Villagatón (LE) and forest tracks in the municipal district of Quintana del Castillo (LE), and it crosses roads of the provincial and municipal network at more than 10 points.

The BTT Conde Gatón 12 + 1 is a sporting event on an all-terrain bicycle (mountain bike), it has two routes, a long one with a distance of 78 km and a short one with a distance of 53 km. The departure is scheduled at 9:00 am in the town of Brañuelas, this being the place of arrival. Having anticipated the arrival of the first participant at 2:00 p.m. and the last one at 5:00 p.m.

The entire route is easily accessible with vehicles if for any reason it is necessary. The evacuation plan does not have any black point that prevents it from being carried out with total solvency; since it is accessed by those same forest tracks that it runs through or, in other sections, from the roads LE-4403, LE-5319, LE-5333, LE-106, LE-5304, LE-1595, LE-5304, LE-5322, LE-5406, LE-5407, LE-5425.

We have requested the presence of the Civil Guard of Bembibre (LE). More than 50 volunteers will ensure the safety of the 200 people who will take the exit. Various all-terrain vehicles, quad bikes, motorcycles, .... etc. 1 doctor, 1 ATS, 1 ambulance.

The organization is committed to suspending the event if it could be affected for security reasons.

Count Gatón 12 + 1 teaches us what to do and what not to do with everyone's heritage; He explains that a good use of public spaces can make them be used for different purposes and activities.

I, Doña Carolina López Arias, organizer of the event, commit myself, as has already been agreed with the towns that the mountains and other properties that belong to the towns, to leave everything clean once the event has finished, to respect the environment, putting into effect the legal regulations that weigh on them.

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