Saludo de la Alcaldesa

Welcome to the Municipal Portal of the Villagatón City Council. The Municipality of Villagatón, is made up of the Minor Local Entities of Los Barrios de Nistoso, Culebros, Requejo and Corus, Villagatón, Valbuena de la Encomienda, Brañuelas, Ucedo, Manzanal del Puerto, La Silva and Montealegre, is decidedly incorporated into new technologies, a useful instrument of social cohesion that reduces distances and barriers, making it possible for anyone to access quality information every day, obtaining better services and, ultimately, improving their quality of life.

This is one of the lines of the action plan that the Villagatón City Council is developing with the objectives of placing our Municipality in avant-garde positions, in quality of life, advancing in a better development of communications, services, and our traditions, progressing mainly in the tourism sector. The Internet is undoubtedly an important tool for citizen participation, and that is what we intend, to put at your disposal here, a direct portal of communication and contact with the City Council.

In addition, this new tool will allow us to comply with Law 11/2007 that requires the implementation of electronic administration as of January 1, 2010. We hope that your visit to this municipal portal is to your liking, we invite you to maintain continuous contact with this administration, its main objective being to serve the citizen.

Your Mayor cordially greets you very kindly.

Signed: Carolina López Arias.

Mayor of the Villagatón City Council
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