Valbuena de la Encomienda


The true full name of it is Valbuena de la Encomienda del Santo Hospital de Jerusalem, which points to its origin as the domain of the Knights Hospitallers settled a few kilometres away, in the Monastery of Cueto de San Bartolo.

In its time, it was an important industrial hub, where the mills and smithies of the region were concentrated, probably under the protection of the privileges adjacent to being a monastic domain. Settled in a privileged place, its territory was exploited from time immemorial and there are still traces of iron mines, and even gold.

Its ferruginous waters, sulphurous waters and magnesium waters were also famous, beneficial for a large number of diseases, which made the village appear among the best known for this subject within the province of León.


Its small church, built by the military order, still retains the old medieval style. Its people were dedicated to agriculture, and livestock.


It is a district of the Villagatón City Council in the province of León. It is located at 1013 meters of altitude, located in the western part of the Cepedan region.


3 inhabitants (INE 2020)


June 29 San Pedro

Tourism in Valbuena de la Encomienda


Valbuena de la Encomienda

La Resucitada Rural House

Nice rural house for rent of 120 square meters, built in wood and stone, facing an open valley.

Points of Interest

Valbuena de la Encomienda


In Valbuena, there were 5 industrial mills, which ground cereal for most of La Cepeda. Currently...
Valbuena de la Encomienda

Church of San Bartolome

At the beginning of this century, lightning struck the bell tower of the hermitage and...
Valbuena de la Encomienda

Ferruginous Fountains

Its water has a high content of iron, hence its name. They were thought to be good for pregnant women, children who were weak or sick.
Valbuena de la Encomienda

Fountain of the Corros

Springs of abundant water that are born in the same area.

Hiking Trails

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