In the past, the town of the Barrios de Nistoso had the highest population. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the strength of Los Barrios de Nistoso was noted in our region, especially as a route to Las Omañas , León, Cepeda itself, Asturias and El Bierzo. Between Villar and Nistoso, to the right of the road, there is a magnificent and lonely church, dedicated to Santa Marina. Despite the existence of this church, Villar has its own dedicated to San Juan Bautista and the Tabladas to Santa María Magdalena de Cerezal.

From Nistoso, we can highlight the manufacture of wood charcoal, highly appreciated in the cold towns of our region. The Barrios de Nistoso came to have six flour mills, of which one of them preserves the thatched roof as a palloza, and a forge in Tabladas.


In a corner of Nistoso, you can find a small pool of water, the result of the water flowed from a fountain dug out of living rock, an example of what these people were capable of in the past.


District belonging to the Municipality of Villagatón. It is located at 1140 meters, within the Comarca de La Cepeda. It is located north of Requejo and is the northernmost town of La Cepeda.


28 inhabitants (INE 2020)


February 4 - San Blas

Tourism in Nistoso



Los Barrios de Nistoso Holiday Home

Rural house in the middle of nature. Located in Los Barrios de Nistoso, a quiet area surrounded by nature.

Points of Interest


Reguera fountain

Its water is cold.


Clothes were washed there, especially mine. He went from one sink to another to remove the soap.

Tía Tófila House

It was the only house that remained in the town after the fire that destroyed it.

Old road to Tabladas

Before the roads were built, access to the town from Nistoso was by this road.

Clock Square

There is a fresh water fountain made from the stone of a mill. Above the pipe, there is a niche where there is a figure of Saint George.

La Lagunona

Water tank in which you can find a great variety of fauna and flora typical of this environment.

Church of Santa Marina

The documents that are preserved from this temple are factory books and date from 1734.

Hiking Trails

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