La Silva


Its name derives from Silvanus, god of the forests and protector of vegetation, and from the Latin name "silva" which means jungle. Located in the valley of the stream and marked by the coal mining of the area, in fact, the most important mines of the municipality were located here.

The village stretches along the river and up the hillside surrounded by ash, oak and chestnut trees, which gives a feeling of a small natural paradise. Near the town, the stream of La Silva is born, which crosses the valley to Torre del Bierzo where it flows into the Tremor. In its path we will find oak and ash trees that contrast their beauty between blackish dumps and coal sinks. Old houses with wooden galleries are preserved in the part near the bar. In it there is a public fountain with an old baptismal font. Houses have even been built next to the rocks, building houses, corrals and even coal bunkers.

In honour of the mining tradition of the area, a mine entrance with a gallery has been prepared as a museum that simulates the conditions in which miners carry out their work. It is accessed by concrete stairs, next to a pool hanging from the mountain.


We can opt for a walk where we can visit the ruins of the church of San Juan de Montealegre, declared a Site of Cultural Interest. We only have to deviate along one of the roads used by coal trucks, smeared with black dust, which start from the main road, taking as a reference the bell tower of the church that can be seen from the same road.

Its people were dedicated to agriculture, livestock and coal mining.


It is a district of the municipality of Villagatón in the province of León. It is located at an altitude of 930 meters, occupying the westernmost part of the Cepeda region, on the western slope of the Manzanal area, like Montealegre, in a beautiful geography where Bierzo and Cepeda merge.


42 inhabitants (INE 2020)


December 4 Santa Barbara
August 10 San Lorenzo

Tourism in La Silva


La Silva

Bar Lozano

Points of Interest

La Silva

La Bravona

Centennial chestnut that is hollow inside.
La Silva

Ferrina Fountain

It owes its name to an old iron mine that is in the upper part and that is surrounded by a grove of centenary chestnut trees.
La Silva

Well of San Juan

An extraction well and personnel entrance crossing remains of mining activity.
La Silva

La Llama Park with the Foundational Milestone of San Martín de Montes

Roman milestone was re-used as a pillar of the altar of the Monastery of San Juan in which there is an inscription in Latin and in the upper part, a hollow in which the relics of San Juan were located.
La Silva

Mining Museum

Santa Bárbara Park: Bocamina and mining machinery.

Hiking Trails

Community in La Silva


La Silva

Taxi Lozano

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