It is the town closest to Cueto de San Bartolo, and according to popular interpretation, its name is due to the rays that fell there and simulated small "shingles".

It seems that all this great electrical activity is due to the subsoil of the area where iron is abundant.

Due to this proximity, the relationship with the order of Los Hospitalarios del Cueto was very intense. In fact, part of the ruins of the temple of the Order are preserved outside the parish church of Culebros elements that came down from the hospital monastery, such as the entrance arch with a drawing of chains and carved stones, in Romanesque style some corner stones of the edges show the traces of having been, used after being placed there, like Asperones to sharpen knives.

The staircase to go up to the bell tower is carved in wood, exceptional in the area. Inside the church there is a large baptismal font, they say it was lowered from San Bartolo. There is also the characteristic cross of the Hospitaller Order of San Juan. Around the church is one of the three neighborhoods that make up the town.


Through its narrow streets we can find somewhat rusty stone houses, closed by the typical doors with "cuartenón", a leaf that opens at the top of the door that served for the entrance of light and ventilation with the door closed, and the round of the cat flap. Two wells are preserved near the church, one somewhat forgotten and hidden by the brambles, and the other built with pieces lowered from the monastery buried under a sewer manhole. In the past, there were two communal ovens located on the outskirts of town to prevent fires.

Population dedicated to agriculture and livestock.


District belonging to the Municipality of Villagatón. It is located at 1032 meters above sea level, within the La Cepeda Region. It adjoins the E with Villameca, the S with Porqueros and the O with Requejo and Corús.


68 inhabitants (INE 2020)


Weekend before Corpus Christi La Trinidad
September 16 Saint Cyprian
December 13 Saint Lucia



Tourism in Culebros



Bar El Abuelo García

Bar-Cafeteria in Culebros.

Points of Interest


Pedrada Fountain

Its waters are very cold so no type of arboreal vegetation grows in its environment.

Recreational Area

Area with tables, barbecue and shade

Water Well

From it the water was drawn to irrigate or give water to the animals.

Church of San Cipriano

Temple from the 18th century that preserves elements from the Monastery of San Bartolo Hospital such as the Romanesque arch at the entrance, the staircase to the bell towers, the baptismal font and the cross of the Hospitaller Order of San Juan.

Hiking Trails

Companies in Culebros

Business Directory

Ivialeón S.L.
Servicios varios.
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