"Housing Bank Program"

The initiative of the bank of houses carried out by the Villagatón City Council is based on the owners indicating those houses that they have for rent or for sale in the municipality so that those interested in coming to live in the municipality know where they should go to the time to want to settle. It has been proposed as a help service, so that people who would like to come to settle will not have so many difficulties when it comes to doing so.
At present, the initiative has been very well received by the owners of the municipality and the bank of houses works perfectly and at a good pace.

Now we want to give another extension to the idea and we are going to include the farms of those owners who want to put them up for sale.

For this reason we are going to start this second phase again so that the number of houses for rent and for sale can be expanded and if there is someone interested in farms, they can contact their owner; since we seek to provide good information on both houses and farms.

Do you have a home or farm that you would like to incorporate into the “Housing Bank” program?

Please fill out the form below and the Villagatón City Council will contact you.
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