Los Cañones Secretos del Góngora

Manzanal - Montealegre - La Silva
2h 15 mins
1.082 - 894 m

The route begins on the track that leads to the sports center, from where you take an old road that, between the holm oaks and oaks installed on sunny slopes, accesses the Valdecouso area, an important chestnut grove that offers, when autumn comes, its appetizing fruits; chestnuts.

Little by little, the path narrows and saves the unevenness between the previous spot and the Arroyo del Mostruelo, also known as Arroyo de la Górgora, in reference to the sound that the water makes when it springs up.

Oak, holm oak and chestnut trees slowly give way to lush vegetation favoured by the humidity and the shade of the narrow channel of the stream, which runs through the quartzite rock. Ferns, mosses, lichens and trunks of water-loving trees, tapestry on the ground.

The mysterious and gloomy atmosphere accompanies the rustic wooden bridge that spans the stream and the legend of the Górgoras

Peña Infierna or Well of Gorgora. Once you have reached this bridge, the quiet walk along the crystal clear waters allows you to enjoy the uniqueness of this hidden and remote place.

La Silva
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