El Muelas

Brañuelas - Villagatón
2 - 3 hours
1.000 - 1.125 meters

This route runs for 9 - 11 km, between the Brañuelas Town Hall and the “El Llastrón” forest in Villagatón, most of it parallel to the Muelas river along the rural road that runs from Brañuelas to Valbuena and also parallel to pine forests of which we can see two types: wild (from the middle and upper parts, they have an orange colour) and pinus pinaster (everything is the same dark colour, which is being resin).

Along it, you will see the ruins of 5 water mills, a resin mining area, mycological areas, two old town centers, strange caves drilled into the rock, a bee colony, the Villagatón Church, the Villagatón (empty) swamp. … and beautiful views from the mountains of several towns in the region.

It is a route of low difficulty, all of it between 1,000 and 1,125 meters of altitude, and special care must be taken when crossing the roads (twice, once in Brañuelas and another arriving in Villagatón) and the train track (Milestone No. 19, at  5.71 kilometres from the beginning). All of them are clearly signposted.

When leaving the road and approaching a mill, there may be water on the ground, so it is recommended to wear suitable footwear. Also, depending on the time of year, there are cattle grazing, so it is recommended to be especially careful and not approach or disturb the animals. Some of them, if they have young, can become violent in their eagerness to protect and defend their offspring.

There is a varied fauna in this area (another thing is that you will be able to see it!): Squirrels, rabbits, roe deer, foxes, wild boars, some wolves ..., as well as various types of birds, some more frequently than others: crows, kites, vultures, eagles, storks, partridges, quail...etc.

In addition to being able to do the route on the road (walking by bicycle or by 4x4 car), the most intrepid could do it by the river in summer: the landscape is splendid, but the difficulty is much higher, having to cross the river several times(wear high boots) and clear an obstacle.

The route signs are usually mostly on the right side, as well as off the road.

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